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Supporting future current and former guests of health retreats, and discerning clients to whom authenticity commitment and clarity are a priority.


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Many sleep alone, or with a partner who is distant, unavailable emotionally, mentally or physically. Everyone is telling us what to do, Never having a chance to work out our feelings and our inner connections for ourselves, while supported by people around us. At work we're surrounded by technology. we drive to work in ABOUTmetal boxes many live in buildings with steel frames again disrupting our energies, and the list goes on.


Our Environment Has the Greatest Impact on Our Health.

The reality is; we then take this seed (seed is a thought or call to action, this could be prescription or event we associate to) with us. For it to germinate, sprout, reach a healthy seedling stage.

What does this mean in relation to our health and well-being?

The environment must be created perfect for this species to bear fruit, vegetable or healthy herb etc., to be suitable for this seeds potential to bear fruit vegetable or healthy herb etc., 

Some seeds require moist soil, others need good drainage, then there are others that must have full sun, partial shade or part shade. Others thrive indoors, yet majority would die unless allowed freedom to interact with nature and all that nature delivers.

This aspect must be handled carefully with great care and attention, including planting at the exact time of day and  year for them to flourish and benefit the body, the household and community. All elements must be considered for them to flourish.

For best results the soil needs to be prepared for some weeks before planting to enable the nutrients to be available for the seed at the optimum

So it is with our bodies.magic of touch

For optimum health and lifestyle and relationship success.

However, before we realize it, we are back in our previous environment

- It takes just three days for new patterns to be felt. It takes 3 months for the patterns to be recognised and appreciated on a deeper level in order to be able to integrate them into our life.

Therefore, when you leave your health retreat or walk out of your heath professional's practice premises - this is when the time for your transformation to truly begin.

We are used to one pill or one answer solution. Living dull lives almost as if we are on life support living machine.

Living in the one answer one solution, then wondering why we are uncomfortable within our own bodies after a while we no longer feel accepting of ourselves. Living in the mediocre, almost unaware until we hear someone's unique experience.

In Doing so some find themselves a victim of hear attack or cancer way too, late.

We continue to hurry to despair, discomfort, attachment to quick fixes including drugs, alcohol, over work - almost unaware until we hear someone's unique experience.

The solution is available now check some of out our options availablABOUT INNOCENCE AND magic of the baby and touche today

We are reminded of the magic of touch through recent media reports

August 2011 news of how a baby brought her mother out of a coma.

The doctors wanted to turn off the life-support machine.

  • They said she was brain dead, if they turned it off she would die. 
  • Her husband refused. Instead he brought the baby to her mother daily. After a while mum began to regain consciousness. 

We are also available to your for lifestyle enhancement support in all areas of your life. Massage, Massage is the best place to begin, this experience introduces you to.

Another news story earlier 2011. 

  • A still born baby according to medical diagnosis. 
  • The baby was placed on her mother’s chest to say goodbye to the baby. 
  • As she held the baby began to breathe. 

The magic of touch, power of physical connection is often overlooked.

  • In this virtual world of mobile phones, email, internet, television; we have removed ourselves from ourselves.  
  • The most amazing thing is, that we are not even aware of the separation until we hear about the magic.