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  • HOME of Personalised Health Retreats All of us as well as many celebrities, people in the public eye, business owners and entrepreneurs as well every one of us. We are subjected to tremendous stress.
  • What you definietly need to know about Kahuna Massage as it is meant to be. Kahuna massage is perhaps the most Powerful Personal Development Tool on This Planet. During Kahuna training at some of the most Authentic Kahuna Schools, at least 90% of the training is Personal Development. Technique intself is something that evolves as the therapist evolves. Only then can true Kahuna can be experienced.
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  • About Us Providing unique services, Supporting future current and former guests of health retreats, and discerning clients to whom authenticity commitment and clarity are a priority.
  • Opportunities in Research & Development If you are interested in working in your area of expertise with the added benefit of self empowerment and empowering others then contact us. Training courses designed for you to showcase you. Areas of skill required are many reflecting today's business and living environment and that of our clients.
  • CONTACT US FOR BOOKINGS for therapies, getaways, events, projects and lifestyle design Additional Health Retreat getaway destinations of your choice complementing your personal requirements are customised regardless of location. Not limited to the Gold Coast or even the east coast of Australia.
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